Leasing Requirements

The Baldwin

Affordability Requirements

The Baldwin is an affordable housing community. Following are the income guidelines and rental rates applicable to The Baldwin. The following qualifying income limits apply for all future residents. In order to qualify, the maximum household total gross income based on the number of occupants in your home must be less than noted in the following chart.

Income Limits

Number of PersonsMaximum Income
1$27,090* - $45,150
2$30,960* - $51,600
*Applies to a few select units


Apartment SizeRental RateMinimum Income
Studio$641* - $1092$19,230* - $32,760
1 Bedroom$1,169$35,070
2 Bedroom$1,402$42,060
3 Bedroom$1,618$48,540
*Applies to a few select units

Household Size Maximums

Bedroom SizeMaximum Number of Occupants
1 Bedroom3
2 Bedroom4
3 Bedroom6

Utility Allowance

Bedroom SizeMaximum Number of Occupants
1 Bedroom$46
2 Bedroom$58
3 Bedroom$70

Application Procedures

Upon completing an application and initial interview The Baldwin team will determine if you are Pre-Approved for an apartment based on a preliminary background review and preliminary determination of your gross annual income.


Once Pre-Approved, a formal determination of annual income must be completed through an income certification process. Once complete, we will determine if your application has been Fully Approved.


Once Fully Approved the next step is moving into your new Home!